Axiom Project Services  Prioritising your well-being

Prioritising your well-being

Health, safety & wellbeing

As partners in engineering solutions and projects, we acknowledge our role in ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, clients and wider community. By empowering our clients and team members with the necessary workplace health and safety knowledge, we can create a safer, more sustainable world.

As we work with a wide range of sectors, health and safety is a fundamental part of delivering quality projects. Equipped with a wealth of experience across multiple industries, you can rely on us to uphold and adhere to all state laws and regulations.


Consistent improvement

We practice what we preach

Safety is the forefront of Axiom’s approach. Whilst we dedicate our time and resources towards project success, our directors, consultants and managers actively work towards zero-harm processes, both internally and externally.

A message from our Managing Director

“At Axiom, our vision is to be the first choice Project Services partner through our exceptional people, systems and technology. We are a people-centric business, and our values reflect this philosophy.

The leadership team drives our Health, Safety and Well-being values and practices. We consistently uphold expectations across all levels and geographical areas within Axiom and our various workplaces.

Every day, Axiom personnel work on complex and very intense projects at construction sites across Australia and South East Asia. By implementing the Axiom safety practices and controls that we imbed within our client’s sites, we undertake our daily activities in a very controlled and safe manner.”

Konrad is Axiom’s Director and Infrastructure and Delivery Lead with a plethora of experience in Civil Engineering, Project Management and Consultancy.


Infrastructure & Delivery Lead

Konrad Litfin

How we do it

A proactive approach to safety


We don’t wait for incidents to happen before improving our systems. Instead, we identify all possible risks from the get go. By applying our extensive risk control and management knowledge to our operations, we can lead by example for our project partners.

Our robust yet flexible project change process and risk management service guarantee full project compliance for our clients. So whether you are working on a government, energy, infrastructure or mining project, Axiom has got you covered.