Axiom Project Services  Accepted and respected

Accepted and respected

Everyone is welcome at Axiom


Everyone is welcome at Axiom

We embrace diversity and accept all walks of life, and believe in empowering our people and celebrating different perspectives to drive innovation. We recognise that each employee’s unique experience is critical to inspiring growth within the engineering industry.

Our goal as a company is to foster an inclusive environment that encourages unique ideas and guarantees successful projects. We make the conscious decision to lead with conviction, embracing all cultures, enthincities, genders and sexual orientations.

Listen and learn

We make sure your voice is heard

We challenge ourselves daily to expand our horizons and find value in all viewpoints and opinions. We believe there’s no wasted idea, as it all leads to a dynamic project solution. So whether you’re an employee or project partner, we ensure you explore your full potential.


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Empowering you

Women at Axiom

When Axiom commenced operations in 2004, the construction sector was a male-dominated workplace. However, even in the early days, Axiom had a female director. Over the last few years, Axiom has pivoted to consciously recruit female employees, both as graduates and experienced industry professionals.

Axiom will continue to prioritise female recruitment and retention to increase our gender balance across all levels of the organisation, including at the board level.