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Congratulations to Wagstaff Piling on winning the 2012 Queensland Engineering Excellence Award for Innovation!

Wagstaff Piling were recently awarded the 2012 Queensland Engineering Excellence Award for Innovation for their work on the Stockpile 22 Project at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal in Gladstone. Axiom provided project management services for this project.

Queensland Engineering Excellence Award

Stockpile 22 site is located on the last area of Gladstone Ports Corporation’s RG Tanna Coal Terminal Expansion facility in Gladstone. Wagstaff Piling and the Corporation’s Design Team collaborated to design and construct systems for ground improvement, including foundation piling at the site. Deep soil mixing methods, using Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM), Jet Grouting and ground stabilisation for the reclaim tunnel construction were developed to reduce environmental impacts and to provide cost and energy savings over the traditional battered bulk excavation methods used previously. Driven concrete precast piles were designed for a number of foundations to reduce costs and delivery delays of using steel tube piles.

Earthworks, including horizontal stabilisation, were designed for an all-weather working platform for reclaim tunnel construction. Extensive testing determined the amount and cost of cementitous material required for strength, amount of cementitous slurry needed to fluidise the soils to produce a homogeneous mix and the spacing and size of steel beams to give the temporary wall strength to resist soil and water pressures.